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Welcome to the website of The Moving Pool Floor Company, designers and installers of bespoke high end moving pool floors.

We are independent consultants who work with a variety of pool floor manufacturers around the world and select the best possible solution for your project.

There are quite a few types of systems available in the market, some more suitable than others for a particular type of project, and every manufacturer will try to convince you that their system is the best one. We work with most of them so are in a position to evaluate your needs and work out a system that is guaranteed to work as per your brief. In case we can’t, we will let you know right in the beginning, and help you find alternatives.
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We believe that form follows function, and our moving pool floors are functional masterpieces.

What are moving pool floors?

As the name suggests, these are floors of swimming pools that move to alter the depth of the pool or even make it a solid floor with the pool hidden beneath it. The most common types are false floors that move up and down through the pool water, but there are also systems that roll on and off the top of the pool on rails.

This facilitates the pool room or the pool space (in case of outdoor pools) to be used for more than one purpose. For example, a 10m X 4m pool fitted with a moving floor in a 15m X 6m room will allow you to have a 90 sqm room (easily the biggest room in the house) for parties or events.

How we do it...

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We are architects and engineers first, and we understand that the importance of a job done well.

Rolling Pool Covers

The most basic type of rigid pool covers (and not actually pool floors as we have you think given the name of our website) these are uncomplicated systems that are most suitable for existing outdoor pools, provided you have enough space next to the pool for the floor to roll on to. For example, for a 6m X 3m pool, you would need clear space of 6m parallel to the length of the pool or 3m parallel to the width of the pool.

Simply put, these are structurally rigid platforms on wheels, but obviously being used in pool setting these are dressed up rather nice in timber or any other lightweight material. For ease of use, and peace of mind, there are safety measures in place to prevent any part of the body getting trapped in between the wheels and rails when the platform is in motion.

As rolling pool floors are almost always fitted on outdoor pools that are open and exposed to the elements, the rigid platform is made out of a stainless steel frame that runs on stainless steel guide rails, and polymer wheels ensure that the operation is silent. A simple 24V waterproof motor is attached to a couple of the drive wheels through reduction gears. Perhaps the most complicated part of the meachanism is the control system that is operated via a touch pad.

Simple straightforward movable floor systems : easy to design, manufacture, install and maintain. Priced from $27,000 for a 6m X 3m pool.

Suspended Pool Floors

The suspended moving pool floor is a platform made out of a stainless steel structure and the top is usually made out of waterproof timber like IPE to keep the floor lightweight. The whole arrangement is suspended from the top of the pool walls by stainless steel cables and the default position of the floor is at the bottom. To raise the floor a hydraulic ram, or in case of very small pools a mechanical screw, pulls the floor up through the pool water using a sophisticated system of pulleys and when the floor reaches the top it can be locked into position by manually or hydraulically operated ‘through the wall’ locking pins.

As this floor is just a platform with a thickness of about 300mm or so, the system is suitable for new pools as well as existing pools, but since the cables have to take the entire weight of the platform + finishes and also cope with the water resistance while the floor is in operation, it is only suitable for pools up to 32 sqm water surface area.

One more point worth mentioning here is that since the floor is suspended by cables from the top, you will always see the cables in the pool, although they can be camouflaged by installing them in stainless steel recessed channel guides and choosing the pool finish so that they don’t stand out much. Also this is the only system that has no moving component below the pool floorso is easily servicable.

Best described as budget moving pool floors for residential use, priced from $36,000 for a 6m X 3m pool.

Floating Pool Floors

One step above the suspended floors, floating floors work with a similar system of ram, pulleys and cables, but rather than the suspended platform being pulled up to convert the pool to a solid floor, the floating platform is pulled down by the cables to make it a pool. The pool floor is again a platform made out of a stainless steel structure, but the thickness of the entire arrangement is between 600mm and 750mm with buoyancy chambers fitted within the structure to make it float in the water. The default position of the floor is at the top of the pool and to lower the floor a hydraulic ram pulls the floor down through the pool water and when the floor reaches the bottom, you have a fully functional pool. The floor can be stopped at any depth to use the pool for a variety of functions.

The two main benefits of this system are that all the moving parts stay below the floor in all stages of operation so the pool looks like a conventional pool with no visible cables, and since we can calibrate the buoyancy and ram power rating to compensate for each other, you can have a tiled finish on the pool floor that matches the pool surround.

With the floating floor system, the buoyancy achieved is directly proportional to the size of the platform, so these floors are suitable for pools up to 300 sqm in size, but given the platform thickness of up-to 750mm these are only suitable for new build pools.

Most popular movable pool floor systems, equally at home in residential and commercial applications, priced $45,000 onwards for a 6m X 3m pool.

Scissor Lift Floors

Scissor lift floors are very similar in operation to scissor lifts used in automobile workshops and access platforms used widely in the construction industry. It is a rather simple arrangement of crossed structural components actuated by a hydraulic ram and the whole assembly makes the floor platform rise and drop. As this lifting mechanism has been in use for a long time, it is a proven system and the simplicity of design and installation makes it easy to service as well.

The entire system is made out of stainless steel to withstand the chlorinated water and the top of the platform can be finished in tile or stone to the customer’s specifications. The default position for the floor in this case is at the bottom and the platform rises up to make it a usable floor at the top position.

This design allows for the most powerful lifting mechanism so it is suitable for heavy duty use like outdoor patio or play area, but the thickness of platform + mechanism is in excess of 600mm and we don’t like to use more than two scissor jack arrangements in one floor so it is only suitable for new build pools upto 50 sqm.

The amount of stainless steel needed combined with complex engineering and fabrication requirements drive the price higher on these systems, but the added load bearing capacity makes it worth the price, priced $48,000 onwards for a 6m X 3m pool.

Push Chain Floors

The push-chain is a drive system used in movable swimming pool floors that allows a horizontal motion to be converted into a vertical motion. Since this type of system doesn’t require much vertical space, it can easily be used in existing pools.

The push-chain can only bend in one direction so by positioning two push-chains opposite each other and connecting the movable floor laterally, a stable hoisting system can be created. The push-chain is self-locking and easy to maintain, and because only the bases of the push chain are located on the pool bottom, it is also very easy to clean system.

The drive uses a 24v electric motor that powers a spindle, a nut, which is powered by the spindle, is fixed to the end of the push-chain allowing it to move back and forth. The motor is housed in a waterproof casing underwater, with the additional protection offered by pressurised air.

Suitable for pools upto 120 sqm, these systems tend to be more expensive than floating floors and scissor lift floors, but if you have an existing pool, these usually turn out to be very effective arrangements within a limited space. Priced from $54,000 for a 6m X 3m pool.

Spiral Lift Floors

Spiral lift systems are a relatively new technology and are the most suitable for large pools with irregular shapes. The lifting mechanism uses the principle of a helical band actuator which is a complex and specialized linear actuator used extensively in stage lifts and material handling lifts. The actuator forms a high-capacity telescoping tubular column with lifting capacities up to 10,000 kg per actuator and a floor travel of up to 5 meters in wet conditions.

Apart from the actuators, the rest of the assembly is fairly similar to the scissor lift systems but the main advantage is that there is no hydraulics involved. So, hypothetically these are relatively maintenance free and unlike hydraulic systems these do not suffer from platform drift because they are rigid mechanical devices. Platform drift is the tendency of a platform to lower due to depressurization of the hydraulic system over time.

These floors are the most expensive to install but, as mentioned above, are fairly simple to maintain. And, with the right mechanical design, can be used for pools of any size and shape. Priced from $60,000 for a 6m X 3m pool.

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